Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Brazilian Lemonade

Jon in Brazil, on right, with companion and "zebra"

This is the only drink to get at a chuhascaria, in my opinion. The first time I had it was at Rodizio Grill when it was all the rage. Jon gets lemonade at just about every restaurant, and because he and my Dad and brother Andy went to Brazil on their missions, I wanted to post this for Father's day.
This lemonade is really the best, but it has no lemons in it! The lime is blended with the rind on, so washing is important. It's better to make this in small batches, so don't try to quadruple this recipe all at once. Try it along with Fabiana's Brazilian Stroganoff.

Brazilian Lemonade

1 large lime, with smooth skin (smooth skin = juicier lime)
1/2 C sugar
2 to 3 Tb sweetened condensed milk
3 C water

Wash and scrub the lime with a little bit of soap. Rinse well. Cut into quarters. Place lime quarters, sugar, sweetened condensed milk and water into a blender. Cover, and pulse a few times until everything is mixed and lime is turned to bits. Strain into a pitcher to remove lime rind. Pour lemonade over ice.

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