Thursday, March 20, 2008


Every Easter for the last 30+ years, I have made Ponnukokurs for breakfast. I posted this recipe last January. I just thought I'd mention it again...just click this. In bygone days, we dyed a boatload of boiled eggs - the darker the color, the better - and then we would eat them along with the Ponnukokurs. I only make them now when called upon by one of my wayward children or by my wayward husband, although he has to BEG to get them.

(That's Culinary Collie Sue, about 11 years ago)

Egg-dying tip: If you want really deep colors, add a bottle of food coloring to the usual egg-coloring tablets (Paas, etc.). Red is probably the best color to enhance this way. The tradition of red Easter eggs is very interesting. Check my blog in a couple of days - I'm going to elaborate!

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