Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ham Fried Rice

I have my own recipe to making Ham Fried Rice, I don't really use measurements either, a lot of it is to taste, so this recipe is approximations.  It is a favorite to make when we're planning on needing leftovers for a night or lunches.

3 Eggs
1 tbs Curry Powder
1 12 ounce package frozen peas and carrots
4-6 cups cooked rice (best if it was cooked a few hours ahead and chilled in the fridge for a couple hours, so left over rice is good)
1 pound diced cooked ham (cooked pork is great too!)
Soy Sauce to taste (usually 2 tbs w/ this volume doesn't even taste salty, so I recommend 2-3tbs)
3 tbs cooking oil (vegetable is great, sesame is best, but it's expensive)
6 ounces bean sprouts (the cans come in 8ounces, but that always seems to be a little too much, so just don't use the whole can)
2 tsp ground ginger
1/2 chopped green onions or chives

Heat oil in a wok (or pan)  on high until it starts to smoke slightly. Add cooked rice and toss to coat evenly in the oil. Turn heat to medium-high. Add Soy Sauce, curry and ginger. Toss for one minute to coat, then add cooked ham, peas and carrots and bean sprouts. Toss until heated through. Then push rices mixture aside in the pan and add eggs and scramble, then mix with the rest. Toss for another 1-3 minutes (so the egg is fully cooked and evenly spread out in the Ham Fried Rice). Then add in the green onions, toss for another minute and you're ready to eat! It makes a lot, and is great for left overs too!

I almost always loose some rice and such over the side, it's tough to toss a lot, but with a wok you don't loose as much, it makes tossing easier and cooks it nice and even!

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